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Beslagsboden – from a part of Smedbo to standing on its own two feet

Beslagsboden has a tradition of over 30 years of offering decorative fittings for the home. Our motto is to offer stylish, stylish, quality products for the home. The products should encourage playfulness and creative interior design while maintaining an affordable price level.

Became a separate player in the 90s

It started as a department for knobs, drawer handles and other furniture fittings under the Smedbo brand. In the 90s, Beslagsboden broke loose, and while Smedbo focused entirely on bathroom accessories, Beslagsboden began to build its reputation as an active and creative player in the market for fittings. The range was expanded to include house numbers and door fittings, hooks and a wide selection of knobs and drawer handles.

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Among the first to offer self-adhesive hooks

During the late 2000s, self-adhesive products began to appear on the market and Beslagsboden was one of the first companies to offer self-adhesive hooks in stainless steel with different surfaces. The interest in self-adhesive products gained momentum and the demand increased in the Scandinavian market, which enabled Beslagsboden to expand its range. New products saw the light of day, such as self-adhesive products for hooks in different models, holders for toilet paper and kitchen paper, holders for tealights and many others.

mattsvarta självhäftande badrumsdetaljer i vitt badrum

Stepped into the bathroom

With stricter requirements around waterproofing layers in bathrooms, a great demand was born for self-adhesive products for the bathroom. It was then time for Beslagsboden to really take the step into the bathroom with a small selection of simple shower baskets and its own self-adhesive bathroom series. The series contained the basic products for a bathroom; toilet roll holder, towel rail, toilet brush and towel ring that all matched the already existing range of self-adhesive hooks.

Over the years, our range of bathroom products has grown. Welcome to find your favorite!

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Find your style among decorative fittings, handles, knobs and self-adhesive products!