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Discover Beslagsboden’s models of door stops in different materials and shapes that are designed to fit in any home.

The door stops are available in the colors Clementine, Lime, Dusk, Grey, and Black. The purpose of the products developed is clear – to keep the door in place, and avoid marks on the wall and door. With our stylish door stops, you protect the wall from ugly marks if the door flies up for various reasons. You also reduce the risk of children or pets squeezing in the door.

A wide range of stylish door stops for handles, floors and walls

Whether you are looking for wedges, stylish door stops for handles, or door stops for walls, we have what you are looking for. Beslagsbodens stainless steel door stop is easily screwed in place with concealed mounting. We also have a number of self-adhesive and stand-alone variants.

Advantages of our door stops:

  • Large assortment
  • Details in rubber material to avoid abrasion on doors, walls and floors
  • In many colors